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We’re located at Scarborough High School and are part of Scarborough Public Schools.

Scarborough Adult Learning Center is one of Maine’s 80+ local adult education programs. From Fort Kent to Kittery and everywhere in between, our programs offer hundreds of classes including those in adult academics, ELL, vocational skills training, fun personal enrichment workshops, and safety….we can also help you finish your high school credential, attend college, and more. 

During these challenging times, we remain committed to serving you!  We’re still offering online HiSET Academy and HiSET testing by appointment. We have developed digital versions of CNA, Medical Assistant, and other health career certifications. And we’re collaborating with our fellow Cumberland County adult ed programs to offer adult college transitioning opportunities. 

To explore our offerings, click the green “Search courses” button above. Additional offerings from adult ed programs throughout Maine can be viewed at www.maineadulted

Try Something New This Year!


Make this the year you get your high school, HiSET or college degree…join a cooking class,  learn to play guitar, upgrade your skills to change jobs…join a mindfulness art or craft class, meet new people, become certified as a CNA or CRMA…attend an ELL class if you’re joining us from another nation…reinvigorate a long lost skill or passion, or get inspired to explore something totally new!

Whatever new skill or life change you’re dreaming of, there’s a good chance your local Maine adult education program can help you get there! Check out a few upcoming classes below:

  • Oct
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    Stress and Gut Health

    Join Me Online for this Zoom Presentation Gut health and brain health are intimately connected. What you eat can either support or compromise your brain activity, and vice versa – your thoughts can affect your digestion.  In this workshop you’ll learn about the gut-brain connection, how stress and depression or anxiety affect your gut health, and […]

  • Nov
    Image uploaded by Scarborough Adult Learning Center

    Chinese Restaurant Favorites Made Easy – Online

    Your favorite take-out food, made at home! You provide the kitchen, a wok or heavy skillet, a knife or cleaver, and other regular kitchen utensils. Learn about Chinese cooking techniques, ingredients, and seasonings as you go. Segments include: five season whole chicken, carving roast chicken, wonton soup, and stir-fried spicy hoisin pork with steamed rice. […]

  • Nov
    Original source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/f6/IPhone_4S_unboxing_17-10-11.jpg/1280px-IPhone_4S_unboxing_17-10-11.jpg

    Introduction to iPhone Basics

    It is safe to say that many iPhone users rarely use more than a fraction of the features. Use your iPhone to the best possible advantage. Critical features covered: Apple ID and password; structure of the iPhone (buttons and how they work); best apps and how to get them;  text, phone, Facetime, and email; using […]

  • Nov
    Image uploaded by Scarborough Adult Learning Center

    Taking Awesome Pictures with Your iPhone / iPad Camera

    This is a step-by-step guide to taking beautiful photos, appropriate for novice photographers or anyone who wants to upgrade their photography skills. Learn to take photos, portraits, slo-motion, panos, and more. Also camera settings for proper focus and exposure, high dynamic range, and picture composition. Estimated Length: 1-2 hours a week Access Time: 4 weeks […]

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