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English Intermediate

with Jennie Robinson

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This interactive class is for students who are advancing from a beginner level and have a CASAS score at or above 220. We will work on increasing our understanding of the English language to engage in conversations and written exchanges about familiar topics. Students will need access to a tablet or computer for class and homework. Jennie Robinson is an English Language Arts teacher at Scarborough Middle School. 

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English for Beginners

with Peter Hofmann

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Are you interested in improving your English skills? Learning English can help you communicate with your child's school and increase your ability to read and speak English. This fun class will teach basic communication, life skills, and literacy.  New students may be placed into this class after an intake and assessment meeting: call 730-5040 for an appointment. Instructor Peter Hofmann is an advisor at USM and is currently working toward his PhD. 

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English for Southgate

with Bethany Jensen

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This class will help you refine your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills, and is for MLL learners of all levels. We will work on English topics that will assist you in being more effective in your daily life.  New students may be placed in this class after an intake and Reading assessment. Call 730-5040 for an appointment. Bethany Jensen is a speech/language pathologist. 

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